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A daily state of joy is an everyday commitment to YOU!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So let’s get on the road to happiness by approaching every obstacle, challenge or perceived problem as your greatest teacher. Standing firmly in the storms eye to receive the lesson(s) to evolve and move. Nothing is outside of you, no magic guru, parent, teacher or lover can do it for you. Only you re-connecting to before you lived in judgement of yourself and from those around you self can you receive the clear direction for your life. It is your daily responsibility to create the optimal state of joy that will be the gateway to joy, love and an abundant life.

Create a customized toolkit of what you need to jumpstart each day from a state of happiness. You have been taught daily rituals for feeding yourself and getting dressed but rarely are we taught how to start everyday in a state of happiness. Creating those tools are unique for each person. What tools I use are not necessarily the tools we would create for you. You need YOUR custom toolkit.

Taking the first step towards being the bright light in the world is a revolutionary act of leadership. As Richard Bach said: “We teach best what we most need to learn.



Co-create a customized toolkit to jumpstart each day from a state of joy


90 Minute Session

I will guide you through the steps to seeing your blocks to joy through a series of…

Listening to your “Story”

Heart Breathing

Finding YOUR Joy

Visualization to the invincible moment

Creating your ME altar


An 8 Hour Community of Joy

YOU, ME and people you love are on their parallel road to the sacred journey of their hearts. Gathering to get all the shit out that no longer serves us.




Bringing love in



3 Days of Cracking YOU open in a soul clearing location, customized based on the group

Multiple healing modalities

Deep coal to diamond work