“Unlearn grown. Play yourself to joy."

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This quote sums up my life and propels me to inspire and motivate everyone to open up to the journey of their best life.

I am a Brooklyn native, mother, altruist, culinarian, life enthusiast, illuminator and lover of joy. Blessed with a colorful 30+ year career in various forms of entertainment, I worked alongside hundreds of artists to get deeply connected to their authentic voice and unearth their visual translation of their musical gift to the world. I love connecting the dots for all people to crack their hearts open to reveal the brilliance of their own light. That birthright of joy is rooted in our connection to the sweetness of pleasure. We are not here to live a life of battling obstacles, we are here to greet those perceived “problems” as our greatest teacher. Aligned with pure delight through our oneness with our innate knowing. 

Our false belief of victim blocks us from seeing the little things we do to hide, sabotage or dismiss our gifts. And nothing lights me up more than looking at someone from an aerial view, finding the empathy through a mirrored situation in my own spirit. Then by sharing the gift of the answers already within them a daily state of joy practice illuminates their way back in the direction of their destined path. And once your path is lit, you can light the way for all around you.

Not agreeing to merely exist in the world, but determined to help to create and shape the world we want to live in.

A Revolution of Joy…